Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It doesn't take much...

... to make me happy.

Just a fig, goat cheese, rosemary and honey quesadilla for lunch. I love figs, but I've never had a fresh one. Jon slipped these into the grocery cart yesterday, knowing it would be something I'd enjoy. It was so delicious I ate it too quickly for a picture!

Monday, August 27, 2012

It doesn't take much...

to make me happy.

Just watching my husband teaching his little boy the wonders of Lego.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jesse's Day!

Dear Jesse,

Happy First Birthday! Your dad and I decided that in our family, your actual birthday is going to be ALL ABOUT YOU - doing what you like to do, eating what you like to eat. We will schedule birthday parties when they are convenient, but Birthday Days Are Special!  So here are all of the things that we did on your birthday. Because you are so young and we have to guess what you like, this is pretty close to how our days typically go right now!

You woke up around 5am, as usual, and I brought you into our bed and we both got a few more hours of sleep. Dad kissed us both before he went to work at 7. Our morning really started at about 8 with you playing with my phone while I attempted to wake up. You need some time to wake up, too - you climb all over me, but you often flop down on me to get a little rest in between all the exploration. I have to be careful that you don't bonk your head on my knees!

You love to get into the bathroom cupboards while I get ready for the day. Now they have rubber bands around the handles so you can't. You don't appreciate being foiled.

Next we had breakfast - waffles, fruit...

and some of my "green juice" with spinach, yogurt, bananas, strawberries, and oranges. Your dad thinks it looks nasty, but you and I know how delicious it is. You've gotten so good at drinking through a straw!

You very closely supervised the baking of the birthday cake. It's an important job! You helped me measure and dump flour (we only got a little on the counter- shh, don't tell dad!) and turned on the mixer and then made sure it didn't burn. 

Finally, naptime! What a sweet little boy. And what a lucky mama to have such a snuggly kid!

After some rest it was time for lunch. Turkey, apples and roasted broccoli were on the menu for the birthday boy! Despite this face, you actually really like broccoli. I'm so proud of you! (The lemon and Parmesan probably help.)

While you were sleeping one of your presents came - a big-boy car seat! You were fascinated by the plastic covering, and even climbed right into the cart seat.

I supervised you carefully (babies + plastic = no good) while I frosted your little one-year-old cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and a strawberry jam filling - yum!

Surprise! Dad came home early from work, just for his little boy's birthday (Actually he had a dentist appointment, but that's okay). He read you stories - Monkeys Jumping On the Bed, Baby's First Colors, and Belly Button Book - while I finished the cakes.

Yay more presents! You helped open the box, and anxiously waited while Dad used the tools (I love that impatient little face!). You are very close to walking on your own, but these alligators help a TON. You love the clacky noise that they make, and it's so much fun to spin the beads! You aren't very good about controlling your speed, so Dad and I have to help keep you from smashing into walls. And then we have to help you back up. You'll figure it out soon! (Too fast - you are growing up so quickly!)

Another surprise! Grandma Meacham stopped by on her way home from Salt Lake. She's telling you in your ear how much she loves you - it's bunches and bunches!
After another nap, it was time to go in the car. For all of your earlier enthusiasm, you were NOT impressed with your new car seat at first. You warmed up to it quickly once you realized how much you could see!

Our first stop was the pet store. Sorry, buddy, no pets this time! (Although it'll be soon, if your dad gets his way.) We looked at all of the fish swimming around, and you tried to catch them through the tank. We had to be careful with the tanks on the lower shelves - you wanted to stick your hand right in!

We also looked at the ssssssnakes...

And the little puppies and kittens. You love dogs - it probably helps that Grandma and Grandpa Meacham have one. Watson is very wary of you (Jack pulled out some of his eyebrow once!) but Grandma thinks it's funny to put your toes just barely on the floor and chase him around the kitchen. She's right, it's pretty awesome. 

Next up was the hardware store to go through the FAN AISLE! You've been a fan (haa) of fans for a long time. They were one of the first things you pointed to! We make it a priority to go through the fan aisle every time we go to the hardware store, but on Jesse's Day, we went to the hardware store FOR the fan aisle. And your reaction was just as awesome as ever! Pointing, back arched, giggling - it was great. 

By now it was getting close to bedtime, so we got some delicious Hibachi food (zucchini, mushrooms and chicken with a tasty ginger sauce for you, sushi for Mom and Dad) and headed home to eat. You love your sippy cup from Grandpa Meacham, too! It's very interesting to try and put things into the spout.

 After clean up and jammies, it was time to get ready for bed. 

 We played some games - Pattycake and Squish Mom's Cheeks...

and read some books. Gramalita got you this book and the Very Hungry Caterpillar that goes with it before you were even born! You love to look at all of the yummy food and poke your finger through the holes.

This time, the strawberries looked EXTRA delicious!

 I sang you some songs - I Love You So Much and I Am a Child of God - and then snuggled you to sleep.

 Goodnight, little boy! I hope you had a fabulous first birthday, filled with all the things you love the most.

We love YOU the most, little duck. Happy happy birthday - we can't wait for the next year!
Love, Mom and Dad

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A World-Dominating, Butter-Laden New Tradition

My uncle Gary jokes that in our ritual-obsessed extended family, if we do something two years in a row, it "officially" becomes a tradition. I sure hope that I can carry that over to Jon's family, because I would LOVE for this to become something we do every year!

What could have me so excited? Risk-y Baking Night, of course!

 Here's how it works: We play one of those strategy board games that are really fun, but take FOREVER. As people get out of the game, they come help the rest of us with the Christmas baking!

 Jon's family really likes to play Risk, but his dad LOVES it. In his own words, Kip tends to be ruthless. He won't pull any punches, but he will very helpfully point out what you are doing to let him crush you. 
 In this house, Risk has been banned from Sunday play - it's impossible to play and stay reverent. Joseph may be accusing Isaac, but it looks like, as usual, it's Kip's fault. 

 We start them young in this family! Jesse is learning the ins-and-outs of world domination from Auntie Chel.
 There are some of us that don't love the intensity of the game as much (my mom would call it "one of those stratty games") so we baked instead! You can see Laura and Ginny in the back working on the Almond-Cherry bars.

Ginny rolling out the lemon cookies. Kip didn't know it, but we were actually baking all of these goodies for his surprise 50th birthday party that Sunday! He thought they were just for neighbor gifts.

Of course, we had to take a fudge break! My Grandma's fudge is my favorite Christmas treat - it just wouldn't be Christmas without it.

 Sneaky Issac getting into the treats after being paid off by an older brother. *coughJoncough* It's hard work being a mercenary!

 Speaking of being paid off... Jon ran out of ones, so Joseph got a whole FIVE dollars to let Jon sweep through his area. Jon defended himself by saying, "It's not cheating! He's receiving a gift from a benevolent older sibling!"

 Kip said, "My insidious sons are plotting against me! I feel like the King of England!"

Despite his sons' efforts, Kip began to sweep the board. Look at that triumph on his face!

Eventually, Jon was pushed out, and only Chelsea (the red) was left to face the mighty wrath of King Kipper the First. She had a stay of execution when she and Jocelyn left (Jocey was studying for finals this whole time - we missed her, but she got straight A's so it was worth it!) for the midnight premier of Sherlock Holmes 2. Kip studied the board for a good half hour after she left, plotting her inevitable destruction.  I missed the final carnage, but I hear that she put up a good fight!