Monday, June 20, 2011

Due Date

I knew all the statistics. Something like 80% of first time moms go past their due date. Only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date.

I knew that the whole process of a due date is pretty arbitrary. It's called an estimated due date for a reason. LMP + 1yr - 3m + 7d. It's math, see? I don't trust math.

My family tends to have late babies anyways. It's why they come out with so much hair. (Teagan, I'm looking at you, kid) We cook our brownies short and our babies long.

So, I did my best to keep the date of June 15th out of my head. It didn't mean anything! When people asked when the baby was due, I said "Oh, the end of June" or "In 2 weeks." I figured that then people wouldn't keep saying "Haven't you had that baby yet?" (They still did). I thought that sure, I'd have a baby by the end of June, because my doctor would induce me. No big. I can wait.

It didn't help.

I think the problem started when I began having contractions on Saturday, the 11th. They weren't regular or even very painful, but they WERE contractions, and that was awesome. Any contraction was going to be useful, and at my last doctor's appointment, I had been progressing nicely. Could I actually have this baby near this day that I hadn't let myself think of? Jon and I got everything ready, and started waiting. I started thinking that this could happen, and happen SOON.

But then, on Tuesday, everything just stopped, and hasn't started again. It's been surprisingly frustrating! When I thought something was happening, and now it's not? Kinda disappointing. And every day since then has only made it more so!

It's not even that I'm that uncomfortable. I'm sleeping (relatively) well, I'm not that hurty. I've been really lucky. I'm just...anxious to meet this kid!

We HAVE been taking advantage of this, Jon and I. It's our last chance to be just the two of us. We've done puzzles, eating dinners out, and gotten the whole house clean and ready. It's been lovely.

And now here I am, 41 weeks pregnant, and scheduled to be induced tomorrow. I can't wait to meet this little boy!


  1. Best of luck to you, my dear. I shall be thinking of you tomorrow. Also, I'm really glad you posted a picture of your lovely pregnant self, because somehow, even though we live a mere 20 minutes away, I've missed out on seeing it in person. Just as I suspected, you're really quite adorable.

  2. Tell Artie I say hi tomorrow when he shows up. Also tell Jon to be prepared for me to call this kid Artie whether you name him that or not :)
    Good luck. remember to breathe and that you really don't hate Jon even if he is the one that did this to you. HA!

  3. YAY! Congrats. I hope you will post pics. :) I wish you a quick recovery, and lots of SLEEP! Love the preggy pic you posted with this.


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