Monday, October 10, 2011


If you asked one of my younger siblings how old Mom turned on Saturday, they would tell you she was 24 (actually, that's what we older kids would say too, since we value our lives). My dad was already going on a business trip to San Fransisco, so they decided to make a romantic whirlwind birthday trip of it. I heard there was a gourmet chocolate walk.

All of this meant that Mom and Dad were gone this weekend, and I WAS IN CHARGE! WOO HOO!

So we:

Took naps in the middle of the day,


Played with our food,


Ate cupcakes for dinner (hey, who picked in the frosting?! Oh,




Gone! (That raspberry lemonade one on the bottom left was the favorite - so deliciously tart!)


After dinner, we plotted to take over the world,


Set fire to our homework,


And made a BIG mess! (Mom doesn't like puzzles because we never finish them quickly, so they get left out and pieces get lost. This was the only puzzle in the house that still had all of the pieces)


I am the coolest big sister ever.


  1. Hee hee you are! :D And your siblings all look so happy to be making a mess! :D

  2. Awww I bet your siblings LOVE when you come over! :)

    As an aside, that first picture is so adorable!

  3. We agree! Thanks for making it possible for Mom to escape for a spectacular weekend in San Francisco!

    It looks like the kids had a lot more fun with you than they would have with us. I think they are putting together a petition to have you watch them every weekend! Are you up for it?!! (but only if you really succeed in taking over the world!)

  4. Ok so I am going to tell the truth why we did all of these things was for taking over the world NAPS= so that we aren't tired while doing it PLAYING WITH FOOD=we are trying to see how much of a person we could stuff in our mouth HAD CUPCAKES= hey even when taking over the world we need cupcakes SET FIRE TO OUR HOMEWORK= practice for the actual burning of the .... I'm not supposed to tell! MADE A BIG MESS= practicing for cleaning up messes we dont want to take over a messy world!

    THE END ( of all of you)


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