Monday, October 17, 2011

Tricky Tricky...

Today on Offbeat Home they are talking about housekeeping realizations - things that make your life much easier and make SO MUCH SENSE once someone tells you. You know, like keeping hair stuff in a basket in the bathroom, or using your suitcase and under your bed as storage space. (Check out the comments - there's some awesome stuff in there!)

I don't even remember where I learned this trick - I think it was from the internets somewhere, but it was years ago. Basically you fold your shirts an extra time, like so:


and then store them upright. Now you can see all of your shirts, so they don't get lost in piles, and you've got more room in your drawers. Tank tops get a quarter fold, and are along the bottom of the picture. The little dividers really help, too.


What awesome tricks have you learned? Please share - I need all the organizing help I can get!


  1. Ooh, that's a neat trick. I need to get some drawer dividers though...

  2. I do that with my shirts too! :)

    I'm not particularly organized, but I try to make sure that everything has a drawer/spot and I divide them all by category (tank tops, fancy tops, casual tops, cardigans, knits, etc). It tends to make it a bit easier, I think.

  3. Ali-
    That is such a great idea! It makes me want to think about becoming more organized! :)

  4. I just pile them all up! and the piles just keep growing!
    but usually i hang my shirts in the closet, store the ones that don't fit in the closet and aren't for that season under my bed in boxes!
    but girrrl your lookin' so organized!
    i wanna organize all my stuff now! :]


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