Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It was a graveyard smash!

Because Salazar asked, my brothers-in-law:

Issac, as Calvin (his stuffed Hobbes is on the couch behind him)

And Joseph as the Tenth Doctor, guarding London (you can't see his red Converse, but they are totally there. And yes, that is my sonic screwdriver.)

Joseph is my Doctor Who buddy. I introduced him to the TARDIS and her lovely crew this summer, and we've been slowly making our way through the new series. It's fantastic to have someone who gets as excited as I do!


  1. Yay Doctor Who! :) That's awesome!

    Also Calvin and Hobbes is a super cute costume idea. :)

  2. Love the Doctor Who costume!

    My friends and I were drooling at a TARDIS icebox at the comic store the other day. We would've bought it, only we have no use for it :P


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