Monday, November 7, 2011

We did the Monster Mash!

Everyone loves the food & family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for me, Halloween beats them both for sheer childlike glee. I'll use any excuse to dress up, and no one looks at you funny if you wear a hoop skirt or a sword on Halloween. I start scheming about my costume in July. It's even more fun now with Jesse, because I have someone who will dress up with me! Jon tends to be a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Halloween (Except for the candy part--this year he bought 24 pounds. On October 5th. It was not a positive contribution to my weight loss endeavors!)

Part of the fun of Halloween is showing off your clever costume (at least, for the little diva in my head). I wasn't really sure I would get to show mine off this year: I'm too old and Jesse's too young to go trick-or-treating, and none of our friends were throwing parties. I decided to just go trunk-or-treating with my parents and siblings, so at least the people in our ward could admire our costumes.

I usually go over to help my sisters get ready for school on Halloween morning. The excitement and creativity of finding the perfect way to put a costume together is one of my favorite parts. This year we had a pirate, a Cirque de Soleil dancer, a bottle of ketchup, a knight, and a cowgirl. Mom invited me to go to the various costume parades at my siblings' schools, and also asked for my help with Dad's costume. I ended up spending the whole day with her, at two different schools, Costco, a party supply store and a craft store. LOTS of people saw my costume, and I got lots of comments! I loved the attention, although that's not a surprise to most of you.

I really wanted to do paired costumes for Jesse and I, but I wanted him to be comfortable as well, so no itchy polyester suits. After tossing around a ton of ideas, I saw this hat at the farmer's market. Frankenbaby was born!

Of course, when Dr. Frankenstein realized that his creature was actually a baby, he needed someone to care for him (at least until he was old enough to pillage on his own). Enter the Nanny of Frankenstein!

It's a mix between Mary Poppins and the Bride of Frankenstein. Any day I get to wear a wig and a poofy skirt is a good day in my book! Excepting the wig, I actually already owned all the pieces for this outfit, including the slip from my wedding dress. You'd be surprised how much use I've gotten out of that...

My mom and I spent most of the day gathering things for my dad's costume. He's the bishop of our church congregation, so we've often talked about making him a bishop chess piece costume. Neither my mom or I sew--our lack of skill is actually a running joke in my family. That said, who needs a sewing machine when you've got duct tape, staples and safety pins?

The finished product:

Not bad for six hours and duct tape. Pretty much, we rock.

One of my life achievements happened while we were working on Dad's costume. Mom will often say "YOU can be replaced" when we are giving her a hard time about something. I teased her about her sewing skills as we were finishing, and she said, "You can...well, actually, I don't think I could replace you!" She said that the costume would never have gotten finished without my help and encouragement. Basically, I win at being a CHODAT! (I understand that few to none of you will get that reference, please pardon my self-indulgence.)

After trunk-or-treat, various friends stopped by to show off THEIR costumes - Betty, Barney and Bam-Bam Rubble, the Tenth Doctor and a Plasma-vore. All in all, a fantastic Halloween! I'm already planning what we can do next year when Jesse can walk...


  1. Sabotage: the ancient Dutch art of screwing up your wife's diet via the storage of excessive amounts of Halloween candy in easily accessible locations.

  2. Ooh I want to see the Tenth Doctor! Your costume is super cool too.

  3. Ali, you are so clever! I love Jesse's Frankenbaby hat. To turn that into a costume for you as Frankenstein's nanny was genius! And your dad's "bishop" was a great idea. LOL! Glad you had a fun Halloween.

  4. lovely costumes! girl you are creative! I wonder where my creative genes are coming from? - i always draw a blank haha

    xo Nav

  5. My Dad did the same thing with Halloween candy. None of us could stop eating it! I think I gained a pound or two!

    Your costume is wonderful! And I love Frankenbaby! he's so cute in the little hat. :)

    Also I absolutely love the creativity of your Dad's costume. (He must be super busy all the time running his own congregation!) I can't believe you made it! It turned out very very well.


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