Monday, November 21, 2011

Jesse at Five Months

November 21, 2011

Dear Jesse,

You are just growing, growing, growing! This sure has been a month of adventures!

(Sorry Mom keeps dressing you up, kiddo)

Your mom may or may not have called your dad crying about that mark on your forehead.
You continue to surprise us with your calm cheerful personality. You've been practicing sitting up - you are just about there! The problem is that big heavy head. You prop yourself up with your arms then reach for a toy. Usually you end up folded in half over your legs, but instead of getting upset, you wait patiently until one of us can untangle you.

 We have been on a lot of walks lately - to the grocery store or the library. It's good for both of us to get out of our basement apartment and get some sun. You always get excited when we get out of our quiet cul-de-sac and you can hear the noise of the cars. Vroom! You sit in your stroller like a sultan, serenely watching the world go by until the movement lulls you to sleep. When you wake up, I'm there to sing songs or make silly faces. I'll be sad when you get too big for the stroller that faces me!

Laughter has become kind of a theme this month - your dad and I act like fools to make you smile. You are becoming more ticklish - you always grin and wiggle when I zip things up your tummy. You've discovered your toes - they are SO INTERESTING! It's funny how they wiggle. They also taste delicious. Sometimes, you even giggle in your sleep, and it always makes ME giggle! We are so glad you are happy, little one.

This is also the month when you stopped sleeping through the night. Apparently this is a normal thing around four or five months, but I hope it resolves soon! I'd gotten used to more than 3 hours of sleep at a time.

Dad has new nicknames for you: Fezzik and Fishstick. I don't know why, or where they came from, but it amuses him to say "Hey, Fishstick!" as he's coming to pick you up.

Maybe it has something to do with you sitting on his face...
You are such a clever boy! Grandma M taught you to look for the dog - when she asks "Where's Watson?" you look on the floor. Poor Watson is still nervous around you. It probably doesn't help that Grandma uses you to chase him around the kitchen, although you think it is very funny. You are staring to make your wishes known. You hum and sing vowels - sweet and soft when you're happy, loud and insistent when you are frustrated. But you have already learned that the best way to get what you want is to be charming. You will smile at ANYONE who even looks at you! The grocery store has become a lot of fun with you flirting away.

Those toes are so tasty!
We WERE going to bless you on the 6th, but you had other plans. Poor kid, you threw up all night the night before (starting at 3am, naturally). You were fine - it was just a little 12 hour bug - but I sure was glad to have your dad home that day! We took turns giving you pedialyte and cleaning you up. You were still so nice! Throwing up made you pretty uncomfortable, but as soon as you were done, you would go right back to sleep or coo quietly at us. Of course, 2 days later, Dad and I came down with the same bug! It was much easier to deal with - I would much rather be sick than have you be all sad and lethargic!

My favorite moment of motherhood (so far!) happened this month. You had just finished eating and were drifting off. I was humming to you, and looking at your lovely face as I rocked you in my lovely chair. You were mostly asleep when your eyes opened and you looked up. When you saw me, you smiled and sighed a little, then closed your eyes and fell asleep. If I hadn't been wrapped around your finger before, that would have done it right there. It still melts my heart to think that you recognize me, even half asleep.

We love you, darling boy. Thank you for bringing so much joy!

Mom and Dad


  1. I savored every word of that :). So beautiful. I love the last picture too. He's such a good mix of you guys. He may have missed out on the Stay-style hair mop :), but he definitely has both Stay and Meacham features. He's a gorgeous little guy and I love seeing his sweet personality in the pictures. Can't wait to see you hopefully soon!!

  2. Oh Al! He is PRECIOUS! And that was a really beautiful post! Love you!


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