Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cookie Dough for Family Night

Jon and I have been making a real effort to have Family Night on Monday nights. It's good for us to have a set time when we put away our computers and other distractions and actually interact with each other. We'd like to have this just be a habit by the time Jesse is old enough to participate. We usually watch a talk from General Conference, or a TED talk, or we'll

But when I was growing up, the most important part of Family Night was the TREAT. What are we having for treats? Now it's just part of my programing! We probably would have ice cream often, but Jesse is dairy-sensitive, so I've had to be creative. It's been a ton of fun coming up with things to try - I always love baking, and it helps to have an excuse! Some of my desserts are a flop. I tried mushed bananas and chocolate on a frosted graham cracker crust and it was much too sweet and quickly turned an unappetizing shade of brown. Sometimes, though, I get a hit!

We've always loved cookies - Jon and I even had a chocolate-chip-cookie bake-off while we were dating (The verdict? Mine won when cooked, but Jon had the best dough. Of course, it was my extended family judging, so they are a little biased). Eating raw eggs in cookie dough usually doesn't bother me, but it's nice to have a recipe where it's not a concern!

This recipe also reminds me of my cousin, who used to (still does?) eat boxes of cake mix with just a little water added. Someday she's going to open The Unbakery, and serve all this deliciousness to the public!

Raw Cookie Dough
Recipe adapted from Cupcake Project

2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract (if you use milk chips, reduce the amount of vanilla or it will be too sweet)
5 tablespoons milk
1/2 cup butter, melted (She uses 3/4 c, but that was too greasy for me. I upped the milk to compensate)
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips (I only had half a bag, and wished for more chocolate!)

Mix together dry ingredients.


Add wet ingredients.


Add chocolate chips.


That's it! Enjoy! Stef suggests spreading this as a layer in a cake, or using it as chunks in ice cream. A commenter offered up dipping dough balls in chocolate and making cookie dough truffles, which I DEFINITELY need to try. I froze mine, though. My mom used to freeze leftover cookie dough so she wouldn't have too many cookies in the house, and I used to sneak out and eat the dough as a snack. Just doing my part, Mom!



  1. Oh this is great - it would be lovely with some vanilla ice cream :-)

  2. Saying that your extended family was 'a little biased' is like saying that particle physics is 'a little complicated' or that I'm 'a little nerdy.'


  3. I really want to "like" ^ that comment right up there...

  4. Mmmm, cookie dough. When I was in college I would occasionally mix up a batch of cookie dough and eat it for dinner. My metabolism was unstoppable in those days. My husband would probably love that for a treat, though. I should make some for him,, some time.

  5. Frozen cookie dough is the best treat ever. I'm totally putting this recipe into my collection. For the record, I "like" Laura's and Jon's comments. Also for the record, Blogspot should really program a way for us to do just that. Jon, you're smart and nerdy. Could you work on that?

  6. mmmm cookie dough. I usually buy the store bought stuff that's already sliced into little squares so I don't go overboard on eating it all. :) Of course, I always do anyway!

    Cookie dough is like crack. :) I'll have to try out this recipe, it's probably a lot cheaper than the store bought stuff. :)

  7. Mmmmmm - The Unbakery. Someday. Maybe, if nothing else, I'll let my kids just set up an unbakery style lemonade stand - use it to benefit a charity they care about - social network it like crazy, and then see where it takes us. And of course, after that, hide all the leftovers away and selfishly consume most of them myself :).

  8. PS - my screening word to type for the last message to clear was 'caratlik' - as if the computer thinks I should lick more carrots and less cookie dough. Nice try, computer. Ali's recipe is coming to a kitchen near you - but not to you. Computers are just jealous that they can't eat cookie dough.


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