Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coral Conundrum

I noticed during the 21 Day Challenge that basically all of my skirts and pants are neutrals. I'm now on the lookout for anything colored, but i need to work with what I've got! I DO have these awesome coral capris that I LOVE. I want to keep wearing them into the fall, but they are such a summery color that I'm not sure how to transition them. This was my first attempt:


What do you think? Does it work, or is it still summery?

Kate styled some similar pants like this, but I don't have a bronze-ish cardigan like hers. Or a lovely printed blouse, either.

I do have this that I think might pair nicely, maybe with some brown boots? (It's a little more orangey in person)


Am I fighting a losing battle, trying to use these summery pants into the fall? Anyone have any suggestions?


Lacy shirt: Gift from Mom
Blue shirt: Macy's
Coral capris: Gift from a friend
Blue shoes: Forever Young
Gold earrings: Forever 21


  1. I think this looks lovely - a little summery, but not too much! Maybe a mustard scarf would make it more fall since that is an autumnal hue?

  2. This is really cute. Love your coral capris! It still has a pretty summery feel, but it would be good for warm fall days. The second shirt does look like it might give you more of a fall palette.

    I don't have any pants that are not neutrals. I was looking for some with Every body:Every wear in mind, but no luck. It's still on my thrift list.

  3. Is it weird that I never think about seasonal colors? Sure, I wear lighter colors in warmer months and richer tones when it's cold, but I do it almost unconsciously...

    That being said, I agree that your paisley shirt might make it more fall-ish.

    14 Shades Of Grey

  4. I think the patterned top might go well with it! I'd suggest just using some of your neutral tops with it. Maybe a nice cream or brown? Or if you're feeling daring you could probably add a red top?

    Of course, it's really all trial and error. :) Just try on different tops with it and see what works -- sometimes items that you'd never pair together end up looking wonderful...

  5. Mmmmmm, cobalt. I like that color combo mucho. And with the sweater, what about a taupe-y medium neutral with brown leather flats? I've seen a ton of ivory paired with the coral, but a mid tone might be nice moving into fall.


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