Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jesse at Three Months

September 21, 2011

My dear Jesse Boy,

You are three months old already! Would you cut that out? Yes, we're very excited to see you grow up, but there is really no rush!


For the first week or so, you were still sick with that stupid cold. Your little cough and rattley breathing were so pathetic! You continued to sleep fine at night, but you would wake yourself up every ten minutes during the day, unless someone was holding you. Thank heavens for slings and wraps!


This third month was all about the control you are beginning to have over your body. It's really helpful to your dad and I - we're starting to understand your needs better and faster because of your body language. When you are excited, or you see something you like, your eyes get all big, and you start doing the frantic little leg-kicking and arm-waving. It's just about the best feeling in the world when you do that because you see me. It means a little less when you do it because you see the fan.


I can always tell when you are getting tired, because you will start touching your face and rubbing your eyes. You also stretch the same way your dad does - a full body stretch, arms above the head, all the way down to the toes.

You're really starting to learn from the world around you. Dad often reads you books, and you are fascinated by the pictures and the sound of his voice (We're very proud of this development). You are discovering textures - you have a soft, snuggly lion that you like to pet. You also love your hanging toys in your chair, but you can only handle them for about 20 minutes before you get overstimulated and need me to take them away.


You're DYING to sit up. If you are reclined at all, you will curl your back and rock your head forward, trying to see. Especially if there is a screen around. Which, in this house, is always. Oh, you love the screeeeenns... You are your father's son!

If someone smiles at you, you usually smile back. Sometimes, though, you are sick of seeing all the faces, and will look anywhere else, even if they move into your line of sight. We call it the no-faces game, and you think it's very funny. That baby in the mirror doesn't make you suspicious anymore, either. In fact, you think he's handsome.

110921 d

It's so much fun to play with you, now that you can interact a little more. You are becoming more jabbery - you've even developed some squeals! We will have whole conversations back and forth, and you are always very intent on what you are saying.

Let me tell you all about it, Mom!
You've also found your hands - you hold them up above your head like Superman, and watch them as you flail. They are wonderful toys! Dad thinks its funny to give you a fist bump.


We think you might be starting to teethe. Your fists are your new favorite snack. When you gnaw on them, you look like a little drooly chipmunk. You also like to eat Dad's arm when he holds you across the tummy. I don't know how, but your gums really tickle him, and he squirms until finally he can't stand it anymore and has to move you off. And then Mom laughs at him.

Nom nom nom

You went on your first airplane ride. You were SUCH a good baby. The intercom startled you the first few times, but then you slept the whole time!

Your biggest milestone, though, was this:

You just got SO FRUSTRATED with being on your belly that you decided you wouldn't anymore! You looked so confused the first few times! Now being on your belly doesn't seem to bug you so much, because you know you could get out of it if you wanted to.


We are so proud of you, bright-eyed boy. Your personality is getting stronger every day, and we love to see it!

Love you a bushel and a peck,

Mom and Dad


  1. Ali,
    These are such cute pics. I love them. What a fun baby you have, and he is really cute too. ;)

  2. He is such a cutie patootie! :-)

  3. Holy twap this is a CUTE KID! I especially like the bit where he's laughing hysterically in the chair. And his head. :D

  4. I love these letters to him! They are precious! And allllll the pictures! Love love LOVE! If I didn't think it would drive you crazy, I would be over there all the time!

  5. Holy cow, he is freaking ADORABLE. His smile really brightens up each picture, and I can only imagine what it must be like to see those wonderful smiles in person. :)

    (Also-- those pictures are VERY well done! :) Seriously gorgeous!)

  6. What a DOLL! Such fun--I remember that roly poly phase. It's such a delight to watch them start to learn about the world. Congrats, mama--he's certainly a handsome little duck!


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