Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off we go!

What a wonderful weekend! We went on a (very) quick trip to Oregon for my cousin Lacey's wedding to her fiancee Alex.


I wake up more often than I used to, what with the feeding of the Jesse and all, but I still usually get to sleep for about 7 hours altogether. After going to bed at one (because of course we packed the night before, even though we've known about this trip for forever) and Jesse eating at three, I was not my chipper self at our six-thirty departure time. Which is why it wasn't until we were halfway to the airport that I realized we forgot the camera. I was pretty disappointed - I've been really enjoying learning to use my camera - but I knew lots of other people would take pictures, and I'd get them eventually. For now, all I've got are some iPhone pictures.

After reading this post from Jenna, we decided to travel with Jesse in my Moby wrap. It was brilliant. I did have to take it off at the security checkpoint, but Jesse was content to just hang out and sleep. We got a lot of big smiles, too. I think people were tickled to see him looking all around with his big eyes. Some older ladies came up and cooed at him and said what a good idea it was. We checked his carseat at the gate (because we were renting a car in Oregon) and it came back in great condition.


Jesse LOVED being on the plane. I was really worried we were going to be those people - the really annoying ones that couldn't quiet their screaming child. But he was so good! He kept looking all around, back and forth, so he could see ALL THE NEW THINGS! Bonus: when traveling with a child, you get to be the first one on the plane! Bwah ha ha. I think Jon became a lot more amenible to traveling while Jesse is little after we learned that.


The majority of my Mom's family lives in Oregon, so we've been going there for Christmases and special occasions for longer than I can remember. I was actually born in Portland, and Mom says I have rainwater in my blood. Add to all of that that Jon and I went to Portlad and the Oregon coast on our honeymoon, and you've got a place that has a big section of my heart.

On our way to the wedding we stopped for some lunch at a lovely little place in Corvallis. They had gelato! Who expects really good passionfruit gelato in the middle of Oregon?


The wedding was beautiful. Lacey, my cousin, worked really hard so that everything would be very easy to set up the day of. My favorite part was when they came back down the aisle to this:

It took me a minute to realize what it was - doesn't it sound like a wedding march at the beginning?


Once the CRAZY dance party and adventures in the photobooth were over (I sure love my cousins), we headed back to Portland. We had booked our honeymoon hotel for the night, and planned on going to dinner or Powell's City of Books. But even though it was only 8pm when we checked in, we were just too exhausted.We ordered room service (I got a delicious cheese plate, and a slightly too-burnt creme brulee) and I fell asleep as we were eating dessert in bed.

Mom, you're a wimp.

We got to sleep in the next morning in our delicious king bed (well, I say sleep in. After his second feeding at six, Jesse came into bed with us and we all dozed until about eight). I took a bath in the lovely deep tub (do you see why I like this hotel so much?) while Jon got us breakfast. One order of pear, ham and brie french toast later, we were on our way back to the airport.

All in all, we were only gone for about 34 hours, but it still felt like a vacation. I've never flown to Oregon before - I definitely prefer it over the 14 hour drive! I'm also glad that Jesse is such a good traveler. Hopefully he'll get a lot more experience!



  1. Aww Jesse is adorable and all of you look amazing together :-) I just hope that when we finally have a baby, it is as good as traveller as him!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! It's amazing how even a short trip and change of scenery can do you good. And to stay at your honeymoon hotel again - what a great idea. I'm glad Jesse is a good little traveler. :-)

  3. wow weddings are so mush fun! your baby is so cute :) love the blue dress/skirt you wore above.

    I also loved the brides dress, exactly the type i want plus I am renting it :)

    xo Nav

  4. :)) Your cousins are too cool. That is an awesome song to walk down the aisle to!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  5. I think a wrap or a sling is the ONLY way to travel with a newborn. It was SO nice with Katie...back when she'd fit.

    I also love your clothes. :D

  6. Aww he looks adorable in his Moby wrap! :) Also, I absolutely love stripes so that last picture of him is just so cute! :)

    Also your cousin looks very radiant in her wedding dress. :) She's definitely glowing!


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