Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 21: Elegant and a Bit Flirty

Day 21: Elegant and a Bit Flirty

Retrohipmama said that my patterned tights were "elegant and a bit flirty" and I thought, "That is EXACTLY the look I'm going for." I have never been able to articulate what my style was, and in just a few words she hit it on the nose!

That's one of the things I've loved most about this challenge. I feel like I have a better handle on how I want to dress. I want to be lady-like without being stuffy, to be as comfortable and stylish in a tee shirt as in stilettos. I want to put together my favorite colors in new ways, like I did here, and add some of my favorite jewelry and feel lovely all day. I need to be on the lookout for more patterns, though.


It's also done wonders for my self-esteem - all of you lovely people saying kind things have made me feel much better about my post-baby body. Thank you! I'm so excited to have made new friends, and gotten in better contact with beloved old ones. I hope you all will stick around and see what else our crazy family can come up with.

I'm sad that today is the last day. This has been so much fun! The inspiration to get ready every day has been really good for getting me in the habit. I do have to say, I may lounge around in pajamas ALL DAY tomorrow, just because I can.


Anything you think just didn't really work on me? Any favorite outfits I shouldn't miss repeating?

Plum sweater: Mervyn's
Mustard shirt: Macy's
Black skirt: Mr. Mac
Plum shoes: Primark in London
Pearl-like necklace: Thrifted
Gold necklace: Tower of London
Mayflower earrings: Plimoth


  1. Just wanted you to know that I put together a list of people who consistently wowed me during the challenge and your name is on it. So bravo, you really rocked it the past 3 weeks!

    And I LOVE that you were able to put your style into words. I've been trying to do that for ages and I just haven't been able to figure it out. You've inspired me to keep trying!

    Freckles in April

  2. Love this look. Elegant and a bit flirty hit it right on!


  3. I've just discovered a way to describe my style thanks to a fellow blogger too. This is lovely!

    14 Shades of Grey

  4. I love the color combo! And for what it's worth, I think you have dressed your post-baby bod fabulously! I think you look great, and I agree with Kayla - you have rocked this challenge.

  5. Go Ali! I love this and I have to say, even though I didn't participate in the challenge (except for that one day on accident), I'm sad it's over. I'll miss having a legitimate excuse to come over and talk to you and play with the bubby!

  6. That is a great outfit. To me it's a bit "flirty librarian," which I always believe to be a good thing. :-) Also, Primark! Sigh . . . it brings back memories . . .

  7. Elegant and a bit flirty is a great style mantra, and this outfit certainly fills the bill. I've really enjoyed seeing your outfits. I think they have been creative, fun, and shown personality. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  8. Beautiful! I agree with you on the self-esteem bit. I've always avoided cameras and dressed to hide. This has helped me love what I've got, even if it isn't perfect!

  9. hmm you have to keep posting cute pictures of new outfits. You are being my inspiration!

  10. I can see why Kayla put you on the "best of" list - you consistently looked fabulous! I'm glad you've hit your stride as a fashionista, and I look forward to following your adventures for a long time. Well done! :-)

  11. Love that you incorporated a bunch of different challenges into your last outfit. I see (off the top of my head) "wear a dress or skirt" "layer accessories" "Sunday Shoes" and "new hairstyle" :)


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