Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 19: Ahead of the Game

Day 19: Ahead of the Game

I really, desperately, want to wear hats. They add a certain joie de vivre to an outfit, don't you think? The only problem - My head is so big that hats NEVER fit me. It might be brains, it might be poofy hair, or it might just be a huge noggin! But even with all this, I still try on hats everywhere I go. I must just be eternally hopeful.


It paid off! I found this hat at Target and IT FIT! You better believe that I snatched it up. It's even big enough to cover Jesse when he's in the sling.


I was actually planning on wearing this today anyways - we're spending all day at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, and I'm bringing Jesse along. I look forward to this every summer!


Pink shirt: Swapped from Nicole
Blue dress: Forever 21
Floppy hat: Target
White earrings: Gift from Mom
Silver necklace: Gift from sister, Savannah
Sandals: Old Navy
Flower scarf: Target


  1. The shirt! The hat! You look lovely.

  2. I love big floppy sun hats. I'm the daughter of a redhead, and I got the easy-burn skin. I often sport one of those when I'm going to be in the sun. Sounds like a fun festival! The bright colors look great and will make you easy to spot in a crowd.


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