Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 20: Hello New Shoes, Bye Bye Blues!

Day 20: Hello New Shoes, Bye Bye Blues!

(I did take these pictures on Saturday, I just didn't have time to put them up)

I was going for something a little more casual today. I feel like I have the dressy thing down pretty well, but I still want to feel put together and interesting when I'm just lounging around too.


I really liked the way this turned out. It was comfy and fun - we watched BYU barely beat Ole Miss with a whole group of friends, and I didn't feel overdressed at all. (Yes, the all blue was intentional. Gotta show my team spirit!) I'll admit to kicking off my heels, though, the better to jump around when BYU (finally) scored.


The only thing I won't redo is the hair. It sits at the widest part of my face and just looks really...matronly. And not in a fun school marm kind of way.

Striped shirt: Swapped from Nicole
White tank top: Shade
Jeans: Motherhood
Blue heels: Forever Young
Cream necklace: Maurice's
Rose earrings: Provo Farmers' Market

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  1. I actually like the hair. Granted, I didn't see it in person, so I'll just have to take your word for it. Also, FABULOUS shoes! I like them.


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