Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 10: The Rescue of the Striped Shirt

Day 10: The Rescue of the Striped Shirt

This shirt is a closet orphan because it has a funny shape. But I add my remix vest and voila! It's fixed!

I'm definitely putting off a librarian vibe here - too bad the only place I went today was out to pick up dinner. Jon has this week off before he starts his new job on Monday, so we've had a lovely lazy time at home.


(I only wore these heels today when I went out. They aren't really conducive to curling up on the couch watching movies. Even though they are very good looking heels.)


Maybe I'll make a quick trip to the library...

Striped shirt: Closet orphan - I don't even remember.
Black vest: Gifted from Mom (remix #2)
Pink skirt: Shade
Black heels: Forever Young
Black earrings: Icing
Pseudo pearls: Thrifted


  1. This is darling! I don't think it's too librarian - just classy and cute. I agree that those heels are awesome. :-)

  2. Being a librarian, I'm a fan of the librarian look. Way to use your remix piece to revive a closet orphan.


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