Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 8: All Gussied Up

Day 8: All Gussied Up

When I saw today's challenge, I knew right away that I wanted to borrow Jon's tuxedo shirt. He bought it when we were dating, because he is a good man. See, I love to dress up and be fancy - probably left over from dressing up as a princess when I was little. Knowing this, Jon took me to the ballet so I could get all gussied up in an old prom dress. He wore this shirt and a bow tie. (He's a catch, I tell you!) I don't fit into any of my dresses right now, so it's been a while since this shirt has been used. (We still go to the ballet and the opera, we just aren't quite as fancy.) I figured it needed some love and this gave me the perfect excuse!


I tried an Aubrey Hepburn updo to continue the fancy theme. Does it work ok? I came out of the bathroom this morning and Jon said, "Your hair is...tall, today." Very diplomatic, sweetie.


This outfit has already been out to sushi today, and I didn't get any weird looks. I think it might work!

Day 8

(Honestly, this outfit feels like something a real fashion blogger would come up with!)

Tux shirt: Borrowed from Jon
Black belt: Thrifted
Striped tank top: Maurice's
Jeans: Motherhood
Black sandals: Gift from Jon
Black earrings, gold bangles: Forever 21
Cocktail ring: Icing
Necklace: The Tower of London


  1. I love the total outfit! Aly and I watched a movie on how to make a perfect bun, and I think you would love it! I'll have to show you one of these days!

  2. Really classy! I like the 'do a lot. I bet it's nice and cool too.


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