Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 16: Lime Rickey

Day 16: Lime Rickey

This vest was the perfect thing to pick for a remix piece. It needed more love - it's so flattering!


These aren't new glasses, but I never wear them. Maybe I need to!

I also tried a smokey eye with my makeup. I'm not sure if it works or if I look like I got punched. What do you think?


White button-up: Macy's
Black vest: Gift from Mom (3rd remix, so 4th time wearing it)
Lime tie: Borrowed from Jon
Jeans: Motherhood
Plum shoes: My wedding shoes!
Earrings: Icing


  1. So cute! My husband never wears ties, and even if he did, they'd be way too long for me to snag. On you, marvelous!

  2. I always feel like a waitress when I wear a tie... but you pulled it off beautifully!

    14 Shades of Grey

  3. Love it! I think we need a close-up on your eyes without the glasses on so we can check out that makeup :)You look great!!!

  4. Your remix piece worked perfectly for this prompt. Love the green tie! I wonder if my guy would wear that color.

  5. Awesome as usual! I love the mix of the green tie with the plum shoes. And I like that you chose dangly earrings - so feminine with the masculine vest/tie combo. You look fabulous!!


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