Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 12: The Swap

Day 12: The Swap

I actually had a totally different idea for today. I was so frustrated with my lack of patterns on the mixing patterns day that when we went to Costco and I saw a striped sweater, I swooped on it. It...didn't work. I had to return it. But I got this instead!


Nicole and I had a clothes swap! I got rid of stuff I don't wear, and got the joy of new clothes, all without spending a penny. Best idea EVER.
This shirt is one of the things I got from Nicole. It's secretly genius. Know why?

Stretchy tee shirt panels!

Stretchy tee shirt panels! They make the shirt all sleek on the curves and awesome and stuff.


You will ABSOLUTELY be seeing more of Nicole's clothes in future outfits.

Hot pink shirt (w/stretchy tee shirt panels!): Swapped from Nicole
White tank top: Shade
Flowery scarf: Target
Jeans: Motherhood
Grey shoes: Primark in London
White flower earrings: Gift from Mom


  1. Amazing color! You look great!

  2. Pretty! Love the scarf, and the stretchy panels are genius.

  3. OK, that scarf is awesome! You look so fabulous, I'm so happy that shirt found a better home with such an awesome girl.


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