Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 7: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue!

Day 7: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

I haven't ever layered necklaces before, but I will FOR SURE do this again. I really appreciate how they break up the, ahem, huge tracts of land. It might get a little more complicated as Jesse gets older and starts grabbing things, but I'm willing to risk it.

These look like they belong together!

Details - Layered necklaces

I may not be really happy how my middle looks, but my legs look HOT! I love high heels!


You guys, it is RIDICULOUS how much fun I'm having with these challenges. I really enjoy figuring out creative outfits that are flattering. I've met so many awesome people, and I've learned that my closet is a lot bigger than I think it is. Thanks, Kayla, for coming up with these great ideas!

Taking pictures every day is making me learn how to pose, too. Awkward or fun? What do you think?

Day 7

Blue cardigan: Target (blue)
White shirt: Shade
Brown skirt: Mr. Mac (old)
Nude heels: Thrifted
Gold top necklace: Gift from Mom
Lace and flower middle necklace: Maurice's (new)
Pearly bottom necklace: Gift from Mom
Gold earrings: Borrowed from my sister (for the last 3 years...)


  1. I have been loving this whole challenge too! I feel simultaneously stupid and awesome when I take the pictures. It's pretty cool. You look great, by the way.

    Word verification: Hotyp. Totally describes you (I think?)

  2. Those shoes are cute! I love heels, too. I like the layering, and I'm so with you about how fun this challenge is. You're more creative than me with posing and it pays off. I vote fun, not awkward. The smile sells it.

  3. Holy cow I love the way your necklaces look! I'm so bad at layering necklaces, I definitely want tips from you! :) And I agree with Sarah in Indiana, those shoes are adorable!


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