Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 9: I'm Blue, Dah-ba-dee, Dah-ba-die

Day 9

(Anyone else remember that song?)

I NEVER would have put these pieces together, but I'm glad I did! The colors are so lovely. Jon even said how pretty it was.


Can I keep wearing this in the fall? The cardigan says yes, but the colors are so summery! What do you think?


I've loved this challenge for a lot of reasons, but reconnecting with Nicole has been my favorite. I was looking through the Flickr photos the first day and said, "Wait a minute...that's Nicole!" We worked the typical restaurant job together in college, and Nicole made it AWESOME. I also went to high school with her husband! I tell you, it's a small world.

She is visiting her parents here in my town, so we got together today and went to the Dino Museum. It was PACKED, but we had a great time. Her little Katie is so cute!

Day 9: I'm Blue, Dah-ba-dee, Dah-ba-die

(I didn't intentionally match my sling - that was just a happy coincidence. I think some people at the museum thought I was a little nuts.)

Teal dress: Forever 21
Blue cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
Cream top: Halftee
Plaid shoes: Primark in London
Crane necklace: Provo Farmer's Market
Teal earrings: Forever 21


  1. Such a cute outfit! I think you could definitely wear this into fall - maybe add a brown belt to the cardi and some boots on your feet? There's my $.02 anyway. And how nice that you reconnected with an old friend. :-)

  2. I say wear it all year long! I'm going to have to do this challenge, I'm still suffering post-missionary frump syndrome.

  3. Ok, I think the blue looks great with your beautiful hair. I love the plaid shoes. The sling thing is funny. Do you think the people wondered if you have one for every outfit, or if you only wear blue? And I love reconnecting with old friens, how cool that you.did it through this challenge.


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