Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 17: The Fire of Vest-a


I've had this red shirt in my repair pile for almost a year, I think. I loved the lace, but the sleeves were too short, and the whole thing was just...not right (as you can see from my face). When I was looking through my repairs for today, I thought, "Hey, a little unpicking and I can turn this into a vest!" What do you think?

Day 17: Fire of Vest-a

I saw this blue and red combo a ton during Christmas a few years ago. It's only recently that I've realized that I can use design and fabrics as color-matching inspiration. I really like the way it turns out here!


These shoes are Nicole's miracle wedges! I got them in the swap. I felt a little guilty taking these shoes that obviously wanted to go with her, but then I decided they just knew that that was the best way to get to me. I didn't have any wedges, but now I have RED ones!


Vesta is the Roman goddess of hearth, home and family. I thought it was appropriate, since this mama has a new-found fascination with vests!

Tire Swing

Blue shirt: Costco
Red shirt: Target, made into vest by me.
Jeans: Motherhood
Red wedges: Swapped from Nicole
Gold necklace: Tower of London
Gold earrings: Forever 21


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  2. Great repair job! I like the new vest a lot. And the wedges? I could just drool!! Lovely, as always, Ali! (And thanks for the mythology lesson too - I've forgotten so much since high school...)

  3. Saw the shirt and thought "dang it. That would have been a GREAT color for Ali Bean." Then saw vest and loved. I'm enjoying your style, as ever; did you know you were the first person I ever knew to wear capris?

    Much love.

  4. Oh my goodness. Genius.

  5. Hey Al ~ I've been following your every fashionable move lately - studying even. You've been inspiring me in many ways. First off, I've been adding in more color. Secondly, I've been on a thrift hunt a couple times lately, I'm dead set on getting a pair of mustard colored shoes :) (then purple after that). And thirdly (a word, trust me) I wore my hair in a true up-do today that was NOT just a ponytail!! Would you believe that without seeing it? Probably not. DANG IT! Next time I'll take a picture. I twisted all my hair starting down low into a french twist that went SIDEWAYS!! not up! then when it got to the end where all the short hair sprouted out near my ear, I used a flower clip borrowed from my daughters to pin my fake bang sweep right back there in front of the pokeys! I'm not sure if that description really paints the visual picture I'm going for, but it was awesome. I felt so proud. I wore bobby pins. I've been learning more hair ideas from middle=schoolers with too much time on their hands on youtube!!! AH hahahahaha :). Thanks for being my inspiration! Keep up the good work.

  6. OOPS! Big comment. Sorry :). Maybe next time I'll email.

  7. I'm beyond impressed with your inventiveness. I'd even go so far as to call it a cute tank rather than vest. Love the lacey details and those wedges.... there is but one word: scrumtrulescent.

  8. You're pretty much amazing. Way to be!


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